Mixology is the #1 Drink & Cocktail Recipe App on the Planet.

Downloaded over 10,000,000 times, Mixology has been the king of drink recipe smartphone apps since 2009, and it'll only get better and better—as we spread to more platforms and add more features, recipes, and photos.

Available for iPhone, iPod, and Android. Coming soon to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and iPad.

Thousands of Drink Recipes

Whether you're an experienced bartender looking to ditch that antiquated rolodex, a college student searching for a wild/new shot to take, or simply a thirsty cocktail enthusiast, Mixology's got something for you.

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Love Your Liquor Cabinet

Mixology's Liquor Cabinet feature lets you input which ingredients you have on-hand and tells you which recipes you're able to make.

Select which types of liquor you have at home. Then tap Mixers on the nav bar and select which mixers you have. Finally, tap the blue Search button at the top-right corner of the screen, and you'll find a list of recipes that won't require a trip to the liquor store.

Try doing that with a bartender's bible!

Try Something New

Mixology's Random feature is great for discovering new recipes. The first spinner contains types of liquor, the second contains types of mixers, and the third contains types of glassware.

Looking for a tequila-based libation? Select tequila on the first spinner and lock it in. Looking for a shooter? Select the shot glass on the third spinner and lock that in. Then shake the phone or simply tap the Mix It Up button.

One random recipe will appear that meets your criteria. Tapping the Show More button will display all of the recipes that met your criteria.

Search By Ingredient

Mixology's Search By Ingredient feature makes it easy to see which ingredients are compatible with one another.

To see all recipes one can make with a particular ingredient, just add that ingredient to the criteria list.

The true power of this feature is that you may now search by multiple inredients. Each time you add a subsequent ingredient, you're only presented with what's compatible with your current list of criteria.

Bartending Guide

Mixology's Bartending tab offers useful info for aspiring bartenders & mixologists:

  • 20 different kinds of glassware descriptions
  • 12 tools-of-the-trade descriptions
  • 14 terminology definitions
  • Brief guide on how to stock your bar
  • Various bartending tips & tricks

Feature-Rich Recipes

  • Rate each recipe from 1-5 stars. Your ratings affect what shows up in the Top Rated section on the Home tab, which is updated every 30 minutes.
  • Tap any ingredient name to learn more about it.
  • Read & write comments.
  • Add a recipe to your favorites list.
  • Share recipes with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS.
  • For recipes with a photograph, tap the thumbnail to see a larger photo.

Find Liquor Stores & Bars

Need to restock your bar at home? Want to find a bartender to mix your newly found recipes? Just tap the map icon on the Home tab to find nearby liquor stores and/or bars.


Mixology is a free, ad-supported app. It's—by far—our most popular app, but it lacks a couple of power-user features found in its paid counterpart, Mixologist. Download it now for free!



Mixologist is a paid app with all the benefits of Mixology but with no advertisements at all. It also allows you to enter your own recipes and includes more ways to choose random drinks.



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Awards & Reviews

Best Value Award—Feature packed. Thousands of drink recipes. Search based on what's in your own liquor cabinet.
 Love the sound effects when you shake it for a random drink!
Best Spirits App Award—Fantastic library of content with nice integration to social technologies
Editor's Pick—Best cocktail app for mixology mavens
Gold Medal Winner—Best drinking apps battle
One of the 50 best iPhone apps